Occurrence - Code 21745

Occurrence Details
Date 20/08/2009
Method Coleta manual qualitativa
Description Coleta realizada na região entremarés, durante a maré baixa, em recife de arenito.
Keywords Gelidiales , Rhodophyta
Additional observations
Occurrence author
Name Azevedo, C.A.A.
Institution IB/USP
Project Diversity and phylogeny of red algae (Rhodophyta) of economic and ecological importance
Reference DNA barcoding reveals high diversity in the Gelidiales of the Brazilian southeast coast
Date & user Dec. 1, 2015 by user Cíntia Iha (cintiaiha)
Municipality Rio do Fogo, RN
Location Coleta realizada em recife de arenito.
Environment Marine
GPS Precision 200.0
Occurrence Precision Occurrence Place
Occurrence Extension 30 m
Ecosystems Litoral consolidado
Habitats Entremarés consolidado
Microhabitats Outros
Additional Data for Aquatic Environment
Taxonomic Information
Content 2 specimens
Taxonomic Groups None

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