About Sinbiota

Welcome to the Environmental Information System of Biota/Fapesp Program, the SinBiota. The SinBiota - Sistema de Informação Ambiental do Biota - was developed with the objective of integrating information generated by researchers linked to the Biota/Fapesp Program and associate those with a quality digital cartographic base, thus providing, diffusion mechanisms for biodiversity information of São Paulo state to the scientific community, stakeholers, environmental policymakers and educators.

System Version

Sinbiota 2.1 Prototype
SVN Revision: 1430
Last Update: Jan. 21, 2014

Terms and usage conditions of the system

To use the SinBiota System it is necessary that you agree with the following terms:

  • The data is provided "as is". No responsability can be attributted to the system mantainers or the people responsible for the data stored here, for it's use of misuse
  • The data is provided in the belief that it's usage will be consistent with the filosophy of non-harm of wild species;
  • The data is provided for non profit use. It's use for profit is only allowed with permission of the maintainers and the people directly responsible for the data;
  • The data is provided for end users, which means it must not be provided to third parties or be redistributed;
  • The data is provided on this system under the principle of open access to data and technology on biodiversity;
  • The system mantainers assume no responsability for the accurracy, trustworthyness, or completeness of the data provided, or for the trustwothyness and availability of the information system;
  • For proper use of the data provided, it is necessary to understand that biodiversity data is, in general, composed by positive information only, that is, the absence of occurrences does not always mean the absence of a given species in a certain point in space and time.
  • Data shown here is restricted to occurrences obtained in the scope of the Biota-Fapesp program and in a historical survey of previous research in the Mogi Guacu River basin.